What is intuition and why should we educate ourselves about it?


Humans are sentient beings, meaning, we can can notice sense and feel things. For instance, we are able to sense what different flowers smells like, we can feel the taste from different foods, and we can feel different things through the touch on our skin, or experience the difference in warm or cold weather.

But not only that, we also have the ability to feel what other people are feeling. I’m sure you have had a moment, when you felt someone else’s anger or irritation when you walked in to a room.

Most likely, you have had experiences where you just know who is calling you before you have seen the screen of your phone. Which meant that you sensed something, maybe the other persons desire to talk to you.


Another great example could be the time when you lost something, and all of a sudden you just know where to go and find it.

Our ability to feel things, is just like a muscle that grows stronger when we practice it. When you get to know yourself and your intuitive language, you will be able to ask yourself for advice and receive perfect guidance for each situation.

For the nerdy, advanced student of intuition, there is the opportunity to use intuition as the guiding tool when wanting to discover an energy block, or a limiting belief. Combined with the power of intention you will have the power to change your reality.

What is energy, and why should we educate ourselves about it?

A simple example is to compare energy with gasoline. The car needs gasoline to be able to go somewhere, and as you might know already, without gasoline the car won’t start.

Humans needs to sleep and eat to maintain a stable energy level, however, there is more layers to our energy. If we feel passionate about something we will move forward in life with stronger energy, if we feel depressed about something we will move slow, or maybe not at allt for longer periods.

What is even more interesting about our energy, is that our energy is inside us and outside us, and before any awareness practice there will be a lot of unnecessary energy storied in your field.


Basic Intuition

A mini course in five modules with practical tools, meditations and knowledge that will give you a great foundation for intuitive understanding. The course will include live Q&A:s with me, and Group Energy Clearing sessions. Send me a message if you want to be the first one to be notified when enrollment is on.

When old unnecessary energy is stored in your field you will find yourselves in similar and uncomfortable situations again and again. It is as if you are reliving a story from your life again and again.

If you practice intuition and awareness with me, you will learn how to identify the unnecessary energy blocks in your field, and you will learn how to transform the energy in to something more loving and easy flowing. Because the more love you carry in your energy field, the easier life will become.

As a result from energy and intuition practice

You will deepen the trust for yourself and your gut feeling. It will be easier for you to navigate through different opportunities and options in life. You will be able to take more responsibility for the situations that occur in your life because you will become more aware of your stories and patterns.

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