Nadia gave me a private session when I had a cold and was tired after a period infected by Covid-19. She guided me in a very warm and responsive way. By finding and transforming the energies I could sense my symtoms appear less. She helped me to see which fears kept me stuck in my patterns, and she helped me let them go. I felt more energized and more spiritually present after our session. Since then, I have felt a stronger sense of trust to my mental and physical capacity.

Maria Helander, Author & Compassion Coach 

I felt so strongly that so much sadness has left my field. The sadness is not in my body anymore and it feels amazing. I feel way more at ease, and I feel happier.

I’m really happy that I booked a session and I’m still surprised over the fact that emotions can shift that quickly,

Céline Marcault – Cultural Worker

I give so much credit to my body who basically yelled at me “Grab a session with Nadia” while I was sitting at the bus, listening to her in an podcast interview.

I laughed and cried throughout the session with Nadia in my ears. Together, we reached buried places inside of me, and I managed to release so much that had been stuck inside of me.

The biggest change is that I finally have contact with my anger. I allowed myself to exist just the way I am. By allowing myself to become more of everything I am, I give me increased ability to continue to do everything I love, both in my career and in my private life.

I give thanks to my body for yelling at me, and I give thanks to Nadia for this session. Now, I’m gonna go express some crankiness with a smile on my face.

Erika Landin, Therapist

One example of a profound session was when it became clear to me that I made myself in to a victim for not owning a car. I realized that I could change my perspective and see possibilities instead.

I bought a car, a short time after the session. It was a small white car, just as I had imagined it.

I know that everything became possible with the new energies moving inside of me combined with my new mindset. I will forever be grateful for Nadias professional, calm, safe and wonderful approach.
/Maria A.

Do you want to experience one or more sessions with me? I don’t work with anyone, I value my time highly as well as yours. For that reason I have created this questionnaire to help us see if we would be able to create magical changes for you in your life.

Take your time to answer these questions to see if we are a good match before you may book your session.

1 session 190 USD
Package price,
5 sessions 865 USD (value 950 USD)

All sessions goes online through Skype,
Each session requires about 50 minutes

Safe payment through Paypal or Swipe

How does a session work?

A session with me starts with you expressing a starting point. It could either be an issue you don’t want to experience anymore. Such as an heavy emotion, a fear stuck in your mind, or difficulties expressing yourself due to low self esteem.

Or the session could have its starting point with a dream, a wish or a desire where you tell me what you want to experience. Regardless of where we start, we will shine awareness to stuck energy in your field, in order to release it and invite a certain vibration to your energies.

Your job is to allow yourself to be exactly where you are, even if that means that you will drift away in your thoughts or have a strong emotional release. It’s common for my clients to experience tears, laughter and relaxation during one session.

I have the ability to sense, see, feel your energy, and many times I can understand why the energy got stuck in the first place. But in order for me to see you, you have to open up to me and have the willingness to receive my help. I will guide you through the entire process so don’t worry if you are reaching out for the first time. However, it’s important to know that this session does not require a lot of information. Which means that I might ask you to stop talking at some point. It’s not to be rude, it’s because I value your time and I want you to get the best result possible.

You are always welcome to ask questions during the session or share something that feels important to you. We will find a great balance and its important to me that you feel safe.

When you have shared your starting point, we will proceed with opening your energy body, thereafter we work with each moment as it arises.

Set the intention that you will receive exactly what you need, I will set the intention that I will participate in your miracle moments.

I’m looking forward to connect with you 🙂

To learn more about energy and the energetic body – stay tuned for my e-guide explaining the basics of energy and the energy body.