I can see, sense and feel your energy, and I can transform it. In other words I can make the law of attraction work for you with ease and joy by guiding you tu understand your internal intuitive language. I use the same abilities when I communicate with animals, which means, I can tell you a few things about how they perceive their life, and I can also help them to feel better.

I live an intuitive life style, which means that I create my life based upon what feels good. And I practice taking full responsibility of my mess when it feels messy. In my teachings, thats what you will get to practice as well. By turning inwards and honor your humanity with grace, you will create a beautiful connection with yourself, the divine and the spiritual realm.

Besides exploring quantum physics and the infinite potential of humans, I have studied public law and english literature. Influenced by my academic experience I have the gift to break down abstract concepts and make them easy to understand for you.

Hence, I won’t tell you “oh don’t worry about it, money is just energy” when you struggle with your money issues. I will break it down for you in as many details as possible for you and help you find awareness about yourself and your patterns. My aim is to make these concepts crystal clear for you so without telling you that money is energy (or anything else in your life) you will understand yourself, in your life, as a result from taking my courses and sessions.

I’m walking the talk and I’m sharing and teaching while continuously learning more.

I’m based in Sweden, outside Stockholm. Yes, our country is dark and cold (but lovely) in the winter, and light and magical during the summer.