What if, everything you thought was something wrong or bad about yourself, actually was something good?

What if the only issue in itself was your perspective about certain parts of yourself.

Look at nature… Look at how the seasons change, look at how the flowers grow and look at your body and how it is created with every little cell, blood vessels, the organs, the muscles, ligaments, skeleton LOOK AT IT ALL. Nature is so perfect in its creative creation and you are a part of that perfect creative creation.

What if you are enough just because you are, what if the things you dislike, hate or feel shame about is an asset currently in disguise.

Practicing awareness is an invitation to see the broader picture. There is so much more to reality than what one perceive when stuck in heavy emotional experiences and draining limiting beliefs. The limiting, heavy negative image you have about yourself is not true. Do you know why? Because truth feels good, and hating yourself (in area, big or small) does not feel good.

What you feel and what you think is an indicator regarding an energy you carry within yourself, an idea adopted from a parent or from society. One thing you have to take in consideration is that TRUTH is a reflection of love, and love has not been the dominating force in our society or history. Which means that many things we believe as a collective is not a reflection of TRUTH. If you choose to do the work and release all the “whatever is pushing you down and holding you back” you are a part of a loving movement that are changing the world, day by day.

If you are in to personal development and on a quest to be a more loving and empathic person, you will have to face and let go (forgive) the ideas, energies and emotions which are reinforcing perceptions that are less than love. Those moment of seeing yourself and your darkness is really uncomfortable and can at times feel scary at a point where you want to ignore your personal development path and continue to live unsatisfied in your comfort zone.

That’s fine, there is no judgement in choosing to ignore patterns or limiting beliefs. But what I need you to know is that life does not get easier staying in the comfort zone, ignoring certain parts off yourself.

Life gets easier when you practice to see who you are through the lens of love, which is the lens of truth. You become more compassionate with your struggles, your past and your traumas. You don’t make yourself wrong for being where you are, you don’t argue with reality as it is.

At the same time, you discover that you have the power to change your energy, change your emotion and change your understanding about yourself. And in that process, you might discover that what you thought was something negative or bad about yourself actually is a gift that makes you unique.

If you have read this far. Take a moment to play with the idea, that something that you don’t like with yourself, actually could be a good thing. See if you can create a new image in your mind, how would you act and show up in the world, if “whatever was pushing you down and holding you back” was a good thing….

//Messy hair, dont care 🙂